Quinta da Tôr, in Algarve

Tôr is a small village among the mountains of the Algarve wine region of Portugal. The recognizable image of the village is the Roman Bridge and close to it, a beautiful vineyard, named Quinta da Tôr.

This property belonged to the same family for a long time, until 2011, when the new owner family, moved by the passion and pride for their homeland, did not ignore the qualities of the land, therefore they recovered the wineries and built a new winehouse (‘adega’).

The microclimate, the low temperatures in the winter and the high temperatures in the summer allow for the good and balanced maturation of the 7 grapes that this land has to offer (Touriga Nacional, Syrah, Cabernet Sauvignon, Aragonez, Síria, Arinto, Chardonnay).

Their brand image is wines with high alcohol levels, around 16-17 alcohol degrees, with an unexpected smoothness, explosion of flavors and complexity.

Their first batches were composed of red wines, which were produced in 2013 to be launched the following year.

After 2 years, it was also produced their best seller wine of all time, the ‘Quinta da Tôr – Syrah’ with 17% alcohol level and unexpected quality. When it was launched, it sold out in one month and a half.

In 2015, the Quinta reinforced its offer with its new wines of character, engaging, and a fine and silky texture, and in 2017, they launched the superior, ‘Quinta da Tôr – Algibre’, which led to a silver award in an Algarve wine contest.

Their white wines are also diversified, produced from the Chardonnay, Arinto and Síria grape varieties.

Their passion in numbers: 47 hectares of vineyard, 7 grape varieties and 100.000 bottles of Algarve wine produced per year.

And in 2018, they opened their store and doors for those who wish to know them better, with guided tours and wine tastings.

Such a natural and unique vineyard on a special climate can only be complete with a glass of wine from Quinta da Tôr.

I strongly offer you to visit this winery and taste their wines!


Would you like to taste them?

Touriga Nacional 2017

Aragonez Red 2017

Amuado – Cabernet Sauvignon 2017

Aragonez Rosé 2015

Touriga Nacional Reserva 2016

Trincadeira Red 2015

Algibre 2015

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