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The Alvarinho grape variety

Alvarinho is one of the most admirable Portuguese grape varieties. It origins from the northwest of the Iberian Peninsula and considered one of the most notable Portuguese white variety, it…

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The Verdelho grape variety

Verdelho is a variety of white grapes, a variety grown throughout Portugal, and is one of the elementary white grape varieties of Madeira, responsible for the success of the fortified…

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The Castelão grape variety

Castelão in Portugal is a red wine grape found primarily in the southern coastal regions but is grown all over Portugal and is sometimes used in Port wine production.…

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The Trincadeira grape variety

Trincadeira is considered as one of the oldest varieties of Portugal. Its grape is mostly known to the world because of its feature of dark-coloring. The wines produced out of…

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The Aragonez grape variety

Aragonez is currently the first Iberian red grape variety. The one that is planted the most, both in Portugal and mainly in Spain. In the world, it occupies the 6th…

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The Negra Mole grape variety

Negra Mole is considered to be the second, oldest grape variety in Portugal, right after Sercial. In the southern region of the country, in the Algarve, it is a native…