Welcome to my website!

I am glad to have you around. My name is Lívia Mokri, working as a Wine Expert, Sommelier, Certified and Licensed Tour Guide, Wine Writer, Wine Judge, Wine Tourism Specialist, and Wine Tour Designer in Portugal.

Prior to working in the wine and tourism industry, and moving to Portugal, I grew up just a few miles from the famous Tokaj wine region of Hungary and then resided in the capital, Budapest, working with my degrees in engineering and diplomacy. Moving to Portugal, I started my own successful business in Portuguese wine tourism.
Currently, I host wine tours, wine experiences, and wine tastings throughout Portugal.

My wine credentials include Wine & Spirit Education Trust (WSET) Wine Expert, Wine Sommelier, Wines of Portugal Education Course, School of Port, and Sherry Academy Advanced Certification.

I participated as a Wine Judge in the XIV Algarve Wine Contest 2022, as well.

My articles on wine and tourism features are launched monthly in the local Algarve Plus Magazine, and my writing has been published also in the special edition of FINE Wine magazine about Portugal.

Last year I started also my ‘Wine Traveler Portugal’ project to give my guests tailor-made experiences by exploring both the wines and wine regions of Portugal.

On my tours, I make attention to detail either when it comes to wine, food, accommodation, and any other program in order to provide unforgettable moments and experiences for you!

Find my publications in Media or on my social media platforms, as well.

Find my tips and inspirations for Portuguese wines in my Wine Bar, which is a guide to what to drink from Portugal. Every wine is tasted by me. No points, no scores, just honest, independent recommendations.

And if you also fell in love with Portuguese wines, take an unforgettable wine tour with me in Portugal! Click here to see my private tours.

So, please join me on my journey and learn where to go and what to taste in Portugal. And so much more.

Enjoy our wine tour together!
Saúde (Cheers)!

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me at livinhosportugal@gmail.com.

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