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Tinto Vulcânico 2018 from Azores

Tinto Vulcânico 2018 by Azores Wine Company.

A dry red wine from Pico, one of the islands of the Azores archipelago.

I opened this wine with great excitement because I have never tasted wine from the Azores, so far.

And yes, this was a very unique wine, made from the “Aragonese, Agronomic, Castelão, Malvarisco, Merlot, Touriga Nacional, Saborinho, Syrah and others” grape varieties, according to winemaker’s notes.

The drink has a pale ruby color and medium tears. Aromas of red berry fruits on the nose, cherry and strawberry, a bit of smokiness, black pepper and earthy notes.

On the palate, elegant acidity, gentle tannins, minerals, a bit spicy and salty!

Yes, this is a salty wine. Pico Island´s vineyards are very close to the sea, in volcanic soil, and surrounded by black basalt stones. The unusual sea proximity, between 50 and 300 meters, sprays the vineyards with salt.

„Selective manual harvest in 40 kg baskets, the selection on a selection table, entry into the vat by gravity without using pumps”, noted by the winemaker.

This is an easy-drinking but complex wine, with 12% alcohol level.

Because of its saltiness, this drink goes well with grilled red meats or spicy meals.

I really recommend to taste this rustic red wine, do not miss that!



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