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Xarém 2015, from Algarve

Xarém is a red wine, was produced by the Paxá Wines in the Algarve wine region of Portugal.

This wine was born to pay tribute to the traditional algarvian dish called on the same name „Xarém”, which is one of the seven wonders of Portuguese gastronomy. This meal is made from ground corn in the „Molineta” (grindstone time of the Romans).

The wine was made from carefully selected different Portuguese grapes varieties, in the vintage of 2015.

The drink has a pale purple color.

On the nose, a mix of black fruits (blackcurrant, blackberry, black cherry) and aging notes (tobacco, leather and cigar).

On the palate, the flavors of ripe fruits are blended in a nice balance between the harsh acidity and the bitterness of tannins. A dry, medium-bodied red wine with a long, tannic finish.

The wine has 13% alcohol content.

The best pairing is the Xarém (mentioned above) of course but also goes well with any dishes of fatty meats.



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