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Porca de Murça Tinto, from Douro

Real Companhia Velha a family-owned business, founded in 1756 in the Douro, is one of the oldest wine companies in Portugal.

Since 1960, the Silva Reis family dedicated their efforts to the production of both Port and Douro wines, focusing on the study and development of the Douro terroir. The Company owns five Quintas in the Douro Valley with a total vineyard surface of 557 ha.

Porca de Murça is one of the most-sold brands in Portugal, becoming one of Portugal’s oldest wine brands. The brand originated from a folktale from the small village of Vila de Murça, in the Douro Valley.

It is said that at the time, there was a large female boar (‘porca’ in Portuguese) living in the woods near the village that was responsible for the destruction of the fields and their plantations. Having been, for many years, a torment for the people of the village, they one day decided to unite the best hunters of the region to hunt down the boar. Later a statue was erected in the center of the village as a tribute to this mighty boar, making it an icon of the village and region.

On the wine label, the family re-dreamed the story as if the boar was invited to become the winemaker of Porca de Murça!

This Porca de Murça red wine is a blend of the Touriga Franca, Touriga Nacional, Tinta Roriz & Tinta Barroca grape varieties, which were growing at high-altitude vineyards, giving freshness and aromatic character to the wine, but some come also from low-altitude vineyards, adding structure and complexity to the drink.

Fermentation and aging take place in stainless steel vats.

The wine presents an attractive garnet color in the glass.

Notes of fresh red berries with hints of cherry and currant on the nose.

On the palate, a fruity and aromatic wine, complemented by a velvety softness, that in the end reveals vigor thanks to its balanced acidity. Excellent structure, round, and well-balanced wine.

It reveals a light body and dry tannins causing astringency. Medium acidity and some minerality support its fresh and approachable style. Medium intensity, complex and prolonged finish. In terms of flavors, it offers hints of cherry, blackcurrant, and some bitters.

Store bottles on their sides in a cool place (16-18 ºC) away from direct light. Serve it at a temperature of 18 ºC.

The wine is an ideal accompaniment to pizza, white meat, and cheese.

Classic wine, collecting everything from the Douro’s tradition. The fresh and tasty aromas of this red wine make it the most sought-after wine in the region. It represents the young and fruity style of the Douro, perfect for everyday consumption.

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