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Mateus Rosé Original

Mateus Rosé is the Portuguese wine brand with the greatest international reach! Is there anyone in the world who never tasted this iconic wine? (If you are that one, let me know in the comment below!)

Did you know that Amália Rodrigues, the Portuguese fado singer helped promote this wine in the 60s, in London? And that also Steve Jobs had already drank this rosé in 1975? And Jimi Hendrix, as well?

But do you know how it all started?

It all began in 1942, when the Portuguese Sogrape Company and its founder Fernando van Zeller Guedes, launched this wine. Its striking image, unique flavour and curious bottle have brought it fame worldwide. The unique and iconic bottle (inspired by the flasks used by soldiers in the first world war) has contributed to the wine’s enormous success

Thanks to the innovative marketing campaigns, the sales grew year after year, across various parts of the world, which resulted in Mateus conquering the USA, Japan, Hong-Kong and Australia.

Mateus first became popular in the United Kingdom and enormously successful in the USA. By the late 1970s, Sogrape was selling in around 120 countries.

Mateus’s story is largely the story of Fernando van Zeller Guedes, the visionary founder of Sogrape, and the man who dreamed up Mateus and brought it into being.

He founded the Sogrape mainly to make Portuguese wines known to the world. Today, Sogrape has about 980 hectares of vineyards in Portugal, and led by the third generation of the founding family, the company is increasingly faithful to the goal it has had since it was founded: focused on the production of quality wines, and the development of global Portuguese brands.


This Mateus Rosé Original is a blend of the Baga, Rufete, Tinta Barocca, Touriga Franca grapes. Vinification follows the traditional method of white wines and fermentation takes place slowly, without grape skins, in stainless steel vats at a controlled temperature of 16ºC. The fining is followed by a cold stabilization, after which the wines are filtered and bottled.

The wine presents a very appealing, brightly deep pink color.

Fresh, seductive and intense bouquet, lovely inviting aromas of freshly crushed strawberries, on the nose.

On the palate, really refreshing wine with a light body. Luscious red berry flavors, brilliantly complemented by a soft and slightly fizzy finish. A well-balanced, tempting wine, like a summer breeze in a glass.

Alcohol content: 11%

Mateus Rosé Original should be served chilled, between 6-8 ºC of temperature.

This wine is ideal as an aperitif, to accompany a refreshing moment of the day. Or a good base for a cocktail. And also goes well with light meals, fish and seafood, or salads. Pairing well with pasta and various dishes of Italian, Chinese or Thai cuisine.

A wine to enjoy day after day!

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