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Honrado Talha Premium Branco, from Alentejo

The Honrado family (father and son), from Vila de Frades, has been making amphora (in Portuguese: Talha) wines at the País das Uvas restaurant for many years.

Then came a new project called “Cella Vinaria Antiqua” which, in addition to being a winery, is also a museum about techniques and traditions in the production of amphora wine. It is located a few meters below the ground to keep the wine at a suitable temperature, it has high arches and large windows through which the grapes are unloaded and, in the center of the cellar, there is a pot buried in the ground, which is a safety measure to receive the precious liquid in case a pot breaks.

The winery currently produces two white and two red talha wines.

The fact that the amphoras have different sizes, porosity and thicknesses, implies that the oxygen levels and temperature to which the grapes and wines are subjected during fermentation are different from pots to the pots. In this way, despite being often made with the same grapes, these wines have the particularity of being all different from each other due to the unique touch that each jar gives them. It is therefore impossible to replicate a batch, which consequently ensures the uniqueness of this type of wine.

Today I present you guys the Honrado Talha Premium White from the vintage of 2018.

The wine was made with grapes of the Antão Vaz, Arinto, Perrum and Diagalves varieties, which were growing up on shale soil and Mediterranean climate, in the Vidigueira region of Alentejo.

The grapes were harvested by hand, with destemming and crushing in a mill, and fermentation in clay pots covered with pitch and beeswax.

The wines were kept in contact with the vinous masses until the 20th of November, and malolactic fermentation still took place inside the jar.

This wine presents a golden amber color.

On the nose, nice floral and sweet fruits aromas with some citrus, orange peel and clay pot notes.

The aroma of amphora wines is naturally low in intensity, so we should focus more on their flavor.

On the palate, it is elegant, seductive and complex, very fresh white wine with some acidity. Lush wine, showing fruity notes, focusing on fresh and young citrus fruits, yellow lemon, orange and orange peel.

A stunning aftertaste due to its structured body and intense notes of orange peel that leaves a fresh sensation in the mouth.

This wine is a nice surprise!

The alcohol level is 13,5%.

Treat it as if it were red wine, so it should be served at a temperature of 15-16 °C.

Consume this wine in 2 years from bottling.

Pairing well with pork meats, shellfish, lean fish or pasta meals.

This wine is considered the best of the year at the winery and therefore a Premium wine, numbered, and limited batch, in a quantity of 1533 bottles.

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