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Honrado Talha Premium Red 2019, from Alentejo

A Premium red Talha wine, produced by Honrado Vineyards in the Alentejo wine region of Portugal.

The Portuguese word ‘talha’ means ‘amphora’ in English.

This Alentejo red from the 2019 vintage was made using a technique of fermenting the grapes in clay pots as the Romans did it more than 2000 years ago.

This wine is a blend of the Tinta Grossa, Aragonez, Trincadeira and Alfrocheiro grape varieties, which were growing on shale soil, in the Mediterranean climate.

Originally from Roman times, this technique has remained unchanged over more than 2000 years of history, in the heart of Alentejo. Due to its direct contact with the clay pots coated with beeswax, this wine absorbed unique characteristics that only clay could give it, and that is readily felt on the palate.

The wines were kept in contact with the wine masses until November, the St. Martin’s Day, and the malolactic fermentation took place inside the amphora.

Talha wines are unique wines. Despite being often made with the same grapes, the wines from the talha have the particularity of being all different from each other due to the unique touch that each talha gives it. It is therefore impossible to replicate a batch, which consequently ensures the uniqueness of this type of wine.

This Honrado red wine is considered the best of the year at the winery and is therefore a Premium lot, numbered and limited to a quantity of 920 bottles.

The wine presents a beautiful, clean, cherry red color in the glass with a touch of purple hue.

On the nose, mixed aromas of black fruit jam (cherry, blackberries and plum), spices (mostly black pepper) and resin, with some notes of toast, mocha and licorice.

On the palate with a fresh entry but soon noticeable, vibrant tannins and very high acidity. A smooth, medium-bodied wine with freshness and earthy notes, but without hiding the fruit.

Smooth astringency in the spicy finish, and a long and persistent aftertaste due to the tannins and minerality conferred by the amphora.

15,5% ABV.

Serve this wine at a temperature of 16-18 °C.

Pairing well with red and matured meats or roast beef.

A very nice Talha wine, rustic and harmonious as you want!


Producer: Honrado Vineyards

For purchase, head to theCowine


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