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Colete Velho Branco, from Tejo

Today, we head to the Tejo region in Portugal to taste this Colete Velho regional white wine, produced by the Sociedade Agrícola D. Diniz, Sa cooperative winery.

Located in the heart of Portugal, the Tejo Region is one of the oldest wine-producing regions in the country. There are many magnificent wines produced in the region. White wines are very diverse with a palette of aromas ranging from the rich and floral Fernão Pires to the fresh and aromatic Arinto.

This wine is a blend of Arinto de Bucelas and Fernão Pires grape varieties.

Fernão Pires is one of the most planted white grape varieties in Portugal. It is widely used for sparkling and late-harvested wines, to obtain sweet wines.

Arinto is a versatile grape variety. In Bucelas, it provides vibrant wines with lively acidity, refreshing and strong minerality, and high aging potential.

The wine presents a clear and crystalline appearance with a pale lemon color.

On the nose, intense citrus and pear notes, and floral odors, with some green apple and a little lychee.

On the palate, outstanding freshness and good minerality, with a slight sweetness and almost non-existent acidity. A refreshing, light wine.

It should be drunk chilled to enhance the taste. This wine is great for warm summer days with vegetable salads, sushi, or Vietnamese spring rolls. But pairing well with the famous Portuguese bacalhau (salt cod), as well.

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