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Pata d’Urso Tinto 2017, from Douro

Have you ever tasted the nectar of Gods? If not, let me show you a magnificent example of them! It was my pleasure that I could taste this excellent wine from the Douro wine region of Portugal.

Pata d’Urso Tinto is a red wine produced by Quinta da Furada, located in Ervedosa do Douro.

This Quinta has belonged to the same family for at least seven generations. The great-great-grandfather of the current descendants added 24 lots to his original vineyard by buying from 24 small neighbors. Though some of them were affected by the fatal disease phylloxera in the 19th century, the Quinta has remained united ever since, keeping secrets, stories, flavors and mysteries. (Head to my blog post to read more about this winery!)

The wine was produced in the vintage of 2017 which year was classified as the 2nd hottest and the 4th driest year since 1931, with precipitation values much lower than normal.

The harvest took place in August from the old vines of the Quinta, some over 120 years old, vinified by the Niepoort Company. The wine comes from old vines, growing between 250-400 meters in altitude, with south, east and west exposure, with a small area facing north. The early harvest allowed to produce a fresh and elegant wine from grapes with balanced natural acidity.

About 2 years of refinement in French oak barrels and 9 months of rest in the bottle, resulting in this beautiful wine.

A well-designed label on the bottle. The name ’Pata d’Urso’ means Bear Paw in English. The origin of this name is a very nice story. In one old book of the Quinta, there was a very interesting episode about the existence of bears on the territory until the 18th century. At that time, bear hunting was a privilege only for a few. Whenever a bear was hunted, the hunter had to pay the charge, giving one or two paws of the bear to the landowner, because the paw was considered a true “delicacy of the Gods”.

Thus comes the name of the first wine that marks the beginning of the production of Pata d’Urso wines from Quinta da Furada, since until 2017 all grapes were transformed into Port wines, delivered to the exporting houses from the Douro Valley.

Pata d’Urso 2017 is a complex red wine. Light ruby color, leaving wonderful wine teardrops in the glass thanks to the 14% alcohol content. The producer uses classic cork stoppers.

Intense fruity aromas on the nose with notes of red berries, cherry, raspberry and strawberry, and some smoke, wood and vanilla.

On the palate, remarkable complexity and a lovely bouquet of red fruits and jams, mixed with a touch of coffee and dried figs.

Good concentration and magnificent texture with a perfect balance between excellent acidity and round tannins.

The wood is well integrated into the wine, making it elegant. A full-bodied, elegant, fruity dry wine, ending in a very persistent, silky and velvety finish.


Serve it at a temperature of 16-18 °C. An excellent wine with good aging potential, drink now or keep it in the bottle to age.

This wine goes well with roasts, wild and red meats.

The ancient and resistant vineyards of the Douro, together with the unique conditions of this region and the producer’s dream, allowed the birth of this wonderful wine!

An unmissable wine, taste it on your next trip to Portugal!

Believe me, this wine is really a delicacy of the Gods! Cheers!

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