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Favaíto – Moscatel do Douro

Do you wonder what is in my glass this time?

Favaíto, the miniature version of the original Moscatel do Douro.

Favaíto, like the classic Favaios, is one of the youngest Moscatel wines of Adega Cooperativa de Favaios.

With this drink, Adega launched a new image of Favaios to be the most famous and delicious Moscatel wine.

Adega Cooperativa de Favaios has been one of the most prestigious cooperative wineries in Portugal since 1952, with currently more than 550 members, which boosted the production of the Moscatel Galego Brando grape in the Douro Valley.

The winery is located in the village of Favaios whose name comes from ‘Flávius’, an ancient Roman settlement. The development of this village owes a lot to wine, which played a huge role in the local economy and has become one of the largest and most recognized wines in the country.


The drink is produced from the Moscatel Galego Branco grape variety.

Vinification is carried out in the traditional way, in intense skin maceration, in order to extract the maximum of the aromatic components so characteristic of this grape variety. This contact with the skins lasts for 3 or 4 days until the moment when fermentation must be stopped with the addition of brandy.


The wine has a clear and bright appearance with an appealing, medium amber color.

Typical aromas of the muscat variety on the nose. Extremely rich and aromatic floral and citrus notes of orange, tangerine, and lime, as well as honey and caramel. A bit liqueurish.

On the palate, complex wine with a bitter-sweet flavor, as well as notes of dried peach, fig, almond, and honey. Some raisins and a hint of lime come through as well. Quite an intense finish with some heat in it, and medium acidity.

The alcohol content is 17% Vol.

The wine should be served at a temperature between 12-16 °C.

It is best as an aperitif or a base of a cocktail.




– 55 ml of Favaíto

– two half orange slices

– cubes of ice

– mint leaves

Fill the glass halfway with ice cubes. Pour the Favaíto over the ice. Put one-half of an orange slice in it. Garnish with mint leaves and the other one-half of the orange slice.



  • Steve Lane

    We visited Favaios with a wine tour out of Porto in November and loved the tour, the lunch and the wines. We purchased an 8 pack of the Favaito Moscatel do Douro 55ml bottles. We have thoroughly enjoyed them and I will be purchasing more soon. We also went to Kopke winery with the tour and enjoyed it too. We’ll be back for sure. We’ve had several friends retire from California to Portugal recently

    • Livinhos

      I’m glad you enjoyed your tour in the Douro. And Favaíto is really a great Moscatel wine in the Douro. Portugal is one of the best countries to retire.


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