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Já Te Disse – Alicante Bouschet, from Alentejo

JÁ TE DISSE is a project that aims to replicate the greatness of Burgundy wines in the Alentejo wine region of Portugal.

JÁ TE DISSE is a boutique winery with a one-hectare vineyard near Estremoz, which is a renowned area with its unique terroir and microclimate.

And JÁ TE DISSE is also the name of their wine brand of which each bottle of wine is numbered and manually labeled.

In addition to the use of a burgundy truncated cone-shaped bottle, the wine has a label designed by Siza Vieira, the greatest architect of all time in Portugal, and the star on the label is Já Te Disse, the grandfather Ramiro’s mongrel dog, who has always had a strong connection to Ramiro, helping him in his passion about hunting.


This special edition of red wine was made from 100% of the Alicante Bouschet grape variety in the vintage of 2020. The harvest lasts overnight, then foot treading in lagares.  After 14 months of aging in the best new French oak barrels, 3200 bottles were produced, by leading of the winemaker Joachim Roque.

The wine presents medium purple color in the glass.

Intense smoky-sweet aromas on the nose with very ripe black fruits. Sweet tobacco and black pepper, mixed with black plum, black cherry, and blackberry.

Dense and silky on the palate. A young and contained wine with enormous potential. Excellent structure, strong acidity, and robust but somewhat raw tannins. Persistent finish, revealing the aging potential of the wine.

The alcohol content is 15% Vol.

Should be served at a temperature of 16-18 °C.

Pairing well with barbecue, grilled vegetables, or roast beef.

Since the winery is very committed to the protection of the environment and sustainability, they use Amorim cork stoppers in the bottles. Amorim was always committed to sustainability, producing in a sustainable manner and based on a sustainable raw material – cork.

This multi-awarded wine is a balanced, fresh, elegant, and versatile drink for different moments to enjoy life.

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