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Marquês De Marialva Blanc de Noirs 2017, from Bairrada

Let’s start the new year with the Marquês de Marialva Blanc de Noirs Baga 2017 – Espumante Branco, a white sparkling wine from the Bairrada wine region of Portugal.

This sparkling was produced by Adega de Cantanhede.

Founded in 1954 by a group of 100 winegrowers, Adega de Cantanhede now has 500 associated winegrowers and an annual production of 6 to 7 million kilograms of grapes, constituting itself as the main producer in the Bairrada Demarcated Region, representing around 40% of the region’s global production.

They promote the Portuguese grape varieties, which has always guided its strategy, particularly the traditional varieties from Bairrada – Baga, Bical and Maria Gomes as they believe that the uniqueness that this heritage gives to its wines.

Their portfolio includes also a wide range of sparkling wines produced exclusively by the Classic Method.

Adega de Cantanhede was being on several occasions the only producer in Bairrada with awards in wine competitions and, therefore, today one of the most awarded producers in the region.

In the last 8 years, this Adega was elected “Best Cooperative Winery” in Portugal 3 times by the specialty press. And in 2014 it was considered “Best Sparkling Wine Producer 2013”.

One of their brands is the Marquês de Marialva.

António Luís de Meneses was the 1st Marquis of Marialva and also the 3rd Count of Cantanhede. He was born in Cantanhede and he received this title from King Afonso VI, in recognition of his courage at the command of the Portuguese troops in the battles during the Restoration War (1640 – 1668), when Portugal definitely regained its independence, after 60 years of dominance from the Spanish Kingdom. Thanks to him, Portugal is an independent nation!

This is a ‘Blanc de Noirs’ white sparkling wine, was made from 100% of Baga red grape variety.

In the glass, a beautiful pale peachy-colored wine with crystalline, very fine and persistent bubbles and elegant mousse.

On the nose, pleasantly fruity and floral aromas such as peach, apple and grapefruit with smells of field flowers and a bit nuance of sugar cane.

On the palate, a creamy, fruity, very mineral sparkling wine with a touch of citrus flavors. A very pleasant wine with remarkable acidity, long persistence and refreshing, great finish. A medium intensity, well-balanced sparkling wine with 12,5% alcohol content.

Winemaking: total destemming, soft pressing, decanting natural static. Alcoholic fermentation at 18ºC. Produced by the classic method. Only 30% of the flower must was used. Maturation: minimum of 12 months in the basement and 1 month after disgorgement.

Consume this sparkling wine at about 8 °C temperature, on its own, or as a good accompaniment with soft dishes, fish or white meat-based meals; or with desserts.

The harmonization of aromas gives elegance to this sparkling wine, which is the best way to start a hopefully better new year!

Have a wonderful New Year to everyone!

Saúde! (Cheers!)


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