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Paxá Negra Mole, from Algarve

Negra Mole is a unique variety in the world and exclusive in the Algarve wine region in Portugal.

Not only is it the 2nd oldest grape variety in Portugal, right after Sercial but also is the emblematic variety of the Algarve wine region. Today, it represents 75% of vineyard production in the region, although currently grows only in 15% of the vineyards.

The variety has a special feature: a single strain can have grapes of all colors.

In terms of aromas, it has a lot of red fruit, fresh, it is very delicate. Easily producing a lot of quantity, at the same time being resistant to diseases and problems of the vine, as it is an autochthonous variety and therefore perfectly adapted to the terroir.

In the cellar, fermentation takes a long time, but in batches, it behaves well, due to the high sugar content that it acquires with maturation. The style of wines that characterizes it has a pinkish or very open color, with little fixed acidity and tannins, and a slightly lower alcohol level.

There are many regions that are known worldwide for a particular variety that is unique or has unique characteristics in that terroir.  Negra Mole has everything to be the wine symbol of the Algarve.

This red wine was produced by the Paxá Wines on the Quinta do Outeiro which extends over an area of 30 acres of vineyards, planted in a very special terroir, of clay-limestone soil, influenced by the proximity of the sea, the sun exposure and its microclimates. These unique characteristics allow them to create wines with great potential.

Paxá Wines are the expression of this place.

The name Paxá (Pasha in English) is the old name attributed to the Provincial Governors during the Ottoman Empire. In the West, this designation corresponds to the title of “Excellence”.

The wine was produced from 100% Negra Mole grape growing on limestone clay soil. Harvested manually, vinified at a controlled temperature, and then aged in barrels for 5 months.

It presents a pale ruby color.

Complex red fruit aromas on the nose, cherry, strawberry, and pomegranate, with extra floral notes of violet and rose. And a touch of wood, as well.

On the palate, soft, light wine with young and open fruity flavors. Very smooth and elegant body with light acidity and low tannins. Medium, slightly spicy finish.

12.5% vol.

Should serve this wine between 14-16 °C.

By the recommendation of the winery, the wine pairs well with tuna steak or grilled sardines.

A great example of the good wines that are made today in the Algarve region.

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