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Amphora wines, produced by Honrado Vineyards, in the Alentejo wine region of Portugal.

To find them, head to The CoWine website.

The CoWine is a new marketplace that allows you to purchase Portuguese wines directly from wineries.

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About the Honrado Vineyard

A father allied himself with his son, and thus the wine “Talha” was born – a product that has as its fundamental principle the respect for the history, culture, and tradition of Alentejo. The wine it’s produced in a traditional way through the millenarian technique of fermenting the grape in clay pots. This technique comes from Roman times and has remained unchanged throughout more than 2000 years of history, passing from grandfathers to parents and from them to their children, through popular wisdom.

It is in the region of Vila de Frades, a small town in the heart of Alentejo with less than 900 inhabitants, that this tradition has been kept alive, and which is recognized today as “the Capital of Vinho de Talha”.

But how is the amphora wine produced?

In general, the grapes previously crushed are placed inside the clay pots and the fermentation occurs spontaneously. During the fermentation, the films of grapes that rise to the surface and form a solid layer are stirred with a wooden squeegee and forced to dive into the must, in order to transmit to the wine more color, aromas and flavors. After the fermentation, this pasta rests on the bottom.

And how do these amphora wines taste?

If you want to know, head to The CoWine and order some bottles 😊, or follow me and I’m coming back with tasting notes soon!

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