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Escolhido 2018, from Algarve

Escolhido 2018, red wine, produced by Quinta dos Santos winery in Algarve, Portugal.

The Quinta was conceived in 2016 by the dos Santos family when they purchased land in the Algarve as South African residents because they had a lifelong dream, to live on a wine farm. This led to the project to creating this winery in South African style.

The Quinta includes a wine farm with a winery and cellar, a craft brewery, a trendy restaurant and accommodation. An impressive family venture with an unwavering philosophy: preserving native Portuguese grapes to produce the highest quality wine.

Escolhido is their second brand which name means ‘Chosen’ in English. This name suggests that these wines come from very carefully selected grapes from other producers in the region.

Currently, they have a selection of White, Rosé and Red ’Escolhido’ wines, available to taste and enjoy in the Quinta.

This tasted red is a blend of the Touriga Nacional, Negra Mole and Castelão grape varieties, from the vintage of 2018, growing in clay-limestone soil under a magnificent climate of more than 300 days of sunshine and low rainfall.

Dark ruby color with a light hue on the edge.

On the nose, intense smokey aromas mixed with fruity and floral notes such as plum, blueberry, strawberry and violet. And also a touch of mocha and dried meat present.

On the palate, a rich, fruity, very dry wine with subtle smoky flavors. A medium-bodied young wine with massive tannins and light acidity. Ending in a very persistent, fruity and tannic finish.

Elegant, balanced, well-structured wine.

13% ABV.

The wine is not filtered, so some sediment can appear at its aging!

Consume this wine at a temperature of 16 °C.

Pairing well with chicken tacos, black beans, steak or blue cheese.

This wine convinced me! Give it a try too!



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