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Baena Mourão, Vinho de Talha Branco, from Alentejo

Baena Mourão is a small family-run wine-producing company nestled in the heart of the Alentejo region in Portugal.

Their journey in winemaking began in 2021 when, after 2 years of searching, they found a bit neglected property just on the outskirts of Reguengos de Monsaraz where they aimed to produce wines and olive oils.

With their commitment to sustainability, they built their own business on a 12-hectare vineyard, with organic practices. By eschewing pesticides and herbicides, they cultivate the land and vines with natural fertilizers derived from organic matter. This is proven by the fact that they also received the Production Mode certificate with which they joined the most exacting sustainability program in the world.

Every wine of theirs tells a unique story of the region’s diverse terroir, the rich winemaking heritage, and the spirit of the Alentejo.

They had the first harvest and the first artisanal wine experiments with micro vinifications in 2021, which resulted in their first wines.

And they participated in the ProWein Trade Show in 2023 which kicked off their sales activities.

In the name of sustainability, their eco-friendly, lightweight colored reference bottles are the lightest in the market. All their stoppers are elegant technical cork stoppers made of renewable material with a micro granular body and high-grade natural discs at both ends. Their capsules are made of PLA a bio-plastic with a CO2 footprint up to 70% less than PVC. And when it comes to packaging, they strive to stay away from plastics and minimize the amount of waste.

With this unique white amphora wine, that is made exclusively from the Antão Vaz grape variety, they pay homage to the Alentejo’s ancient winemaking technique.

Antão Vaz is one of Portugal’s top white-wine grape varieties. Growing mainly around the hot, dry region of Alentejo, until recently was almost only found in Vidigueira where it is the primary variety in white Talha (amphora) wines. The grape berries are thick-skinned, giving them good disease resistance, and they are also able to cope with drought-like conditions. This is a rustic grape variety that’s producing full-bodied well-structured wines with fresh flowery and citric notes.


This Talha Antão Vaz wine is the first amphora wine to be produced by Baena Mourão using the traditional amphora-winemaking method brought to the Alentejo by the Romans. It was bottled in June 2023 for immediate release.

The wine was fermented with stems and skins in large amphorae (Talhas) with native yeasts. It goes through malolactic fermentation and is then bottled without fining, clarification, or adding anything.


A fine medium straw-colored wine.

A rustic white wine with good aromatic intensity and freshness. Delightful floral notes of elderflower on the nose. It exudes green fruit aromas with strong citrus) overtones.

Structured in the mouth with vegetal and mineral notes and a well-balanced acidity that evokes the freshness and perfume of spring, with a delicate and elegant finish.

Aging in the bottle gives it elegance.

This wine is produced for immediate consumption.

This wine pairs well with fish, especially oily fish such as grilled tuna steak for wines with more acidity. Other pairings that could go well with it are stuffed red peppers or a burrito with chicken.

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