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Couto De Frades, from Vinho Verde

Couto De Frades, produced by Quintas De Melgaço, in the Vinho Verde wine region of Portugal.

This white wine is a very good blend of the Alvarinho and Loureiro grape varieties, produced through the selection of the best grapes, with excellent ripeness, which have been carefully transformed into this beautiful wine.

The drink presents a deep shining straw color.

On the nose, intensely white fruits and floral aromas, apple, nectarine and peach, with some light lily and citrus blossom.

On the palate, fresh and characteristic fruity flavors with a touch of lemon zest and sweet notes of honeydew. A great balance between minerality, dryness and medium-plus acidity. Ending in a short finish.

11,5% ABV.

Consume this Vinho Verde wine at a temperature of 6-8 °C.

Brilliant pairing with the local fish meals, oyster, fresh and salty cheeses, green vegetables or fresh spices. Also goes well with Thai and Indian dishes.

This wine is a beautiful combination of the typical Vinho Verde varieties. Refreshing, very aromatic white wine with a weak effervescence.

Enjoy! Cheers!


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