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Foral de Portimão Colheita Seleccionada 2017, from Algarve

Foral de Portimão Colheita Seleccionada 2017, red wine produced by the Quinta da Penina, in the Algarve wine region of Portugal.

Algarve is the southernmost wine region of Portugal. It is more widely known for its beaches and thriving tourist industry than its wines. Although a small quantity of fresh-styled white wines are made here, the wines of the Algarve are predominantly red.

Traditionally Algarve wines have been high in alcohol, the result of a warm, maritime climate – just 200km separates Algarve’s easternmost vineyards from the north coast of Africa.

The company started its wine business in 2000/2001 and its aim was to produce quality wines in a region, ancestrally linked to vines and wine production, which, unfortunately, has lost its competitiveness in the last 25 years.

The company’s winery is located at Quinta da Penina, in Portimão, where the grapes are processed from three farms, where planted certified Portuguese and French varieties.

This presented wine has a 14% alcohol content, so serving the drink, strongly visible wine tears appear on the glass.

The wine has a clear medium ruby color and is a blend of the Syrah (45%), Cabernet Sauvignon (30%), Alicante Bouschet (15%) and Touriga Nacional (10%) grape varieties, that aged for 6 months in American barrels.

The ‘Colheita Seleccionada’ on the label means ‘Selected Harvest’.

Aromas of ripe red fruits presented on the nose, red cherry, raspberry and strawberry, with hints of spices, vanilla and aniseed.

On the palate, a soft, velvety taste and good freshness, very clean and direct flavors, lightly oaked with smoke, marked by good fruit notes. Very round, but dry in the mouth, and the well-defined tannins are protected to let the fruits shine. A very nice, elegant and appealing finish.

Open the bottle and let it breathe a little before serving. Should consume at a temperature between 17-18 ºC.

The wine pairs well with Codfish dishes, red meat, game, paella or steak.

A really good wine from the sunny Algarve region!

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