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Periquita Branco 2018, from Setúbal

 Periquita Branco 2018 is a white wine, produced by the José Maria da Fonseca, in the Península de Setúbal wine region of Portugal.

José Maria da Fonseca is the oldest and one of the most prestigious wineries in Portugal, producing wines, Port and Setubal Moscatel. With over 650 hectares of land under vine in the main wine regions: Península de Setúbal, Alentejo and Douro, José Maria Fonseca also boasts Portugal’s largest winery, with the capacity to produce 6.5 million liters of wine in a totally computerized operation.

The history of Periquita is interwoven with the story of José Maria da Fonseca itself, beginning in the 1820s when the founding father of the company, José Maria da Fonseca arrived in Lisbon and bought several local properties. The Periquita trademark was registered in 1941. So, the Periquita brand is the oldest commercialized table wine has, over time, acquired growing popularity in Portugal and also a considerable reputation in export markets.

The Periquita Branco (white Periquita) was first released in the 2004 harvest on the Swedish market, and in Brazil in the 2005 harvest. In Portugal, this wine was released with the 2006 harvest, to the Portuguese lifestyle, focusing on typical Portuguese moments, and to be a part of the family.

This wine was produced from Verdelho (47%) and Sauvignon Blanc (24%) grapes for their aromatic complexity; Viognier (14%) for its structure; and Viosinho (15%) for its acidity and freshness.

The drink has a medium yellow color.

Mixed aromas of citrus, green and tropical fruits on the nose, green apple, peach, lemon, pineapple and mango, with grassy notes. A medium-bodied, dry, balanced wine with strong, refreshing acidity on the palate. Some chalky qualities with crisp fruity flavors.

Youthful palate in a short finish, upon mineral background, with the characteristic freshness of the Viosinho grape.

Vinification: aged in stainless steel tanks at 16 °C.

Very refreshing wine for a hot day!

The wine has 12% alcohol content.

Perfect pairing with grilled fish, seafood, shellfish, risotto or salads. Or also good as an aperitif.

Consume at 11-12 °C temperature.



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