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Mula Velha rosé 2019, from Lisboa

The name (Mula Velha = Old Mule) is a tribute to the animal that was considered the right arm of a man in agriculture in the past. That was the mule, widely used in tasks that required strength and resistance, both as a means of transport and in agriculture to plow the fields. Descended from the cross between a donkey and a mare, combining the best characteristics of its origins: the donkey’s sobriety and patience with the mare’s vigor and strength.

Mula Velha is a rosé wine produced by the Parras Wines and bottled by Quinta do Gradil – a brand of Parras Wines – which estate is belonged to the family of the Marquis of Pombal, in the Lisboa wine region of Portugal.

Marquis of Pombal was a Portuguese statesman and diplomat who effectively ruled the Portuguese Empire from 1750 to 1777 as chief minister to King Joseph I. Pombal led Portugal’s recovery from the 1755 Lisbon earthquake and modernized the kingdom’s administrative, economic, and ecclesiastical institutions.

The drink has a beautiful deep salmon color with a light copper hue. It is a blend of the Castelão, Tinta Roriz and Touriga Nacional native grape varieties.

The wine presents a special simplicity.

On the nose, very fruity, red berries aromas as strawberry and raspberry, with some floral influences.

On the palate, delicate and smooth wine with a little structure, full of strawberry with a hint of sweetness. A balanced and pleasant drink with a very lively acidity that leaves your mouth quickly in a short finish. This well-tuned acidity that makes this wine fresh.

Winemaking: the grapes were carefully selected and destemmed on arrival at the winery. Fermentation took place in mills with robotic treading at a controlled temperature of 25ºC.

The wine accompanies well the seafood, sardines, light dishes, salads and desserts.

An easy-drinking rosé wine for the really warm days.



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