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Branco Vulcânico 2018 from Azores

Branco Vulcânico 2018 by the Azores Wine Company.  This drink is a dry white wine from the Azores archipelago.

The Azores Wine Company was founded in 2014 on Pico Island.

The wine was made from the Arinto and Verdelho local white grape varieties that represent more than half of the productions at the winery.

Branco Vulcânico 2018 is a wine of pure volcanic terroir, from infertile, rocky soils, with a deep straw color.

Blend of citrus and tropical aromas, orange zest, pineapple, peach and passion fruit on the nose; crisp fruits with low acidity, delicate mineral and saline hints on the palate.

This is an elegant, salty white wine with 12,5% of alcohol level. Yes, salty, because Pico Island´s vineyards are very close to the sea, in volcanic soil, and surrounded by black basalt stones, and the unusual sea proximity, between 50 and 300 meters, sprays the vineyards with salt.

Vinification: selective hand-picked vintage and the bunches are carefully selected. Then the grapes are gently crushed and transported to the fermentation vats without the aid of pumps. Macerated for 3 to 6 hours at low temperature and the resulting bleed spontaneously fermented at 12ºC.

Branco Vulcânico 2018 is a medium-bodied white wine with a short finish and a bit of bitterness.

Ideal summer drink, pairing well with seafood, salads, or grilled fishes.

This is a fantastic white wine from the Azores!



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