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Caves Velhas Bucellas Arinto 2020, from Lisboa

It all started in 1881 when João Camilo Alves founded the Adega Camilo Alves, the oldest company that would give rise to the Enoport Wines Group, starting to sell wine essentially from the Bucelas region, known for its famous white wines.

He quickly expanded his business area to other regions of Portugal and around the world.

The brand Caves Velhas was founded by Júlio Camilo Alves, a great businessman, in 1939. The brand quickly acquired a high reputation in the market due to its quality wines from regions of Denomination of Origin. Dubbed as one of the most recognized wine brands in Portugal, given its tradition, longevity and quality of wines.

The first registration of the Bucellas brand dates from 1937.

The brand follows the spelling of the town of Bucelas, which was written with a double “l”, and persists to this day, in what is a remarkable example of constant persistence and quality.

The quality of Bucelas wines has been internationally known for hundreds of years. Mentioned as early as 1594 in a work by Shakespeare, it was with the French invasions that the “Bucelas” reached the maximum of their fame.


This wine is produced by Enoport Wines, in DOC Bucelas, from 100% of Arinto grape. Total destemming, gentle pneumatic pressing and alcoholic fermentation at 16°C.

The alcohol content is 12,5%.

The wine presents a citrine color with slight greenish tones.

The characteristic aromas of the Arinto variety are on the nose, where tropical and citrus fruits, flowers and white-fleshed fruits stand out. Notes of apple, papaya, and some citrus such as grapefruit.

On the palate, slightly sweet but with good citrus flavors. Balanced fruity flavors, lively freshness, harmonious and very elegant. Slight sweetness but without being annoying.

Nice acidity and good volume. A great, persistent and pleasant finish with a hint of lemon zest flavors.

12,5 % alcohol.

Should be served at a temperature of 10-12 °C.

Consume this white wine as an aperitif or pair well with delicacies based on boiled or grilled fish, seafood, grilled white meats, or Japanese and Chinese dishes.

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