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Compromisso Colheita Seleccionada 2019, from Vinho Verde

Compromisso Colheita Seleccionada is a white wine from DOC Vinho Verde region, produced by Quinta de Lixa winery.

Quinta da Lixa is a living testimony of the passion that the owner has always had for Vinho Verde. In 1986, this family decided to create a small business that would become what is now the Quinta da Lixa – Sociedade Agrícola, Lda. The Company presently has a total of 105 hectares of vineyards, spread over more different estates, among them on Quinta da Lixa. With their new vineyards, the Company is now strongly committed to diversifying its wines, putting several Varietal Wine and Vinho Verde Sparkling on the market.


This Vinho Verde wine was made from the Loureiro grape variety in the vintage of 2019. Colheita Seleccionada means “selected harvest’ in English.

And the name Compromisso means ‘commitment’.

The wine presents a sparkling pale yellow color.

On the nose, intense, beautiful scent of white fruits in a flowery meadow, white apple and peach with citrus notes. Very fragrant wine, full of also flower’s scents such as elderflower and laurel.

On the palate, light and smooth, creamy wine with strong citric flavors. This medium-bodied, very refreshing drink has slight carbonation.

A dry, well-balanced wine with intense fruity flavors, low alcohol content (11%), and pronounced acidity, in a dry, medium finish.

Because of the wine’s bracing acidity and oceanic minerality, this wine goes well with appetizers, fish and shrimp dishes, vegetarian meals, and snacks.


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