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Quinta da Lixa Escolha Alvarinho, from Vinho Verde

Quinta da Lixa is a living testimony to the passion for Vinho Verde.

Present in various areas of the business world, this family, which already owned vineyards located around the Vila da Lixa, decided in 1986 to create a small company that would become what is today Quinta da Lixa – Sociedade Agrícola, Lda. Their wines produced was initially sold in bulk but it was quickly realized that bottling was imperative.

The company’s strategy and quality proved to be a perfect combination, and one of their Alvarinho wines is today the best-selling Portuguese Alvarinho in the United States.

The company is today the fourth largest operator in the region, making more than 7.4 million bottles annually.

And in 2022, they received the distinction of “Company of the Year” in Portugal.


So, let’s meet now this Quinta da Lixa Escolha Alvarinho white wine from the vintage 2022.

The wine is produced from 100% Alvarinho, one of the leading Portuguese grape varieties. This variety may originally have been introduced to the Northwest of the Iberian Peninsula by Gaulish monks. This is one of the least productive varieties in the world as well.

The drink presents a deep straw color in the glass.

The aroma is intense and very attractive, with floral and fruity notes, hints of lemon zest, apple, pear, and grapefruit, in a combination of great character and finesse.

The citrus and green fruits explode in the first sip, which also persists in the aroma. The acids are very good, round, and creamy, which makes the sip really lively. The acidity and the fruits work together harmoniously and end in a long-lasting finish. A good balance between structure, acidity, and length.

Serve it at a temperature between 10-12 ºC.

Ideal to accompany all fish, seafood, and some lighter meat dishes.

The Quinta da Lixa Escolha Alvarinho is intensely elegant with aromas of flowers and fruits, with nuances of lemon, which overall result in a characterful and fine wine.

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