What wines do the Portuguese drink in quarantine?

The exponential growth of online sales has also reached the wine business, and 2020 promises to be a record year for online sales in the sector.

In the first month of quarantine, according to – one of the biggest online wine shops in Portugal -, it was recorded a 540% growth in turnover compared to the previous 10 weeks, surpassing the 2019 total turnover.

The customers came from all over the national territory and also from countries in Western Europe, highlighting the increase in sales in the main urban centers of the country, such as Lisbon, Porto and the Algarve. The average value of orders is around 55 euros, equivalent to an average price per bottle of over 6.20 euros. On average, each order is composed of 9 bottles, with at least one of the categories of Port Wine, sparkling wines or spirits.

The Douro is the most sought after region by the Portuguese during quarantine, and the Douro even seems to be the favorite region of the Portuguese who uses this platform to ensure that there is no shortage of bottles of wine during the period of social isolation. Alentejo is the second most sought-after region, together accounting for 70% of all sales.

Table wines, in particular red wines (2/3 of the total), are in the spotlight, representing 90% of all purchases.

There are many new consumers on the site, most of them looking for new experiences, mixing regions, brands, categories and even prices. People are available to learn more, to taste new wines and to take risks on brands they don’t know yet. It is, therefore, an excellent opportunity for producers who have made a huge effort to create targeted campaigns and support these new relationships that are being born – and that they want them to last in the post-pandemic.

According to the commercial director of OnWine Megastore de Bebidas, the increase in purchases is due, in part, to the many new consumers who now visit the online wine shop for the first time.


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