Quinta do Piloto Moscatels bring World Luxury Award to Portugal

The rare muscats from Quinta do Piloto have just won a World Luxury Award for Omdesign, alongside reference brands such as Louis Vuitton, Montblanc, Cartier, Hermès, Ritz Carlton, Rolls Royce and The Macallan.

The panel of 20 judges in this competition awarded only 15 awards, globally and in different areas.

With design and production signed by the Portuguese agency of Leça da Palmeira, the commemorative pack, and limited to 25 units of each of the Moscatels that make up the Family Collection of Quinta do Piloto, was distinguished as the best in the category “Beverages & Food – Packaging”.

To reinforce the uniqueness of this project, Omdesign raised the positioning of this edition by creating original elements, designed and developed exclusively for this packaging, such as the decanter inspired by an old Moscatel de Setúbal bottle, the silver tasting spoon and the key that encloses this trunk and, in it, the true “time travel” of these incomparable nectars.

For Diogo Gama Rocha, director general of Omdesign, “this distinction confirms the superior position of the “Moscatel” category and represents the quality of national design, recognized across borders. It is also, for the whole team, a source of pride for being among the 15 annual winners, alongside the most prestigious luxury brands in the world, with a project as representative of Portugal and our history as the Moscatels from the Family Collection of Pilot’s Farm”.

Source and photos: Marketing de Vinhos

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