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Loureiro 2022, from Vinho Verde

Vinho Verde DOC – Loureiro 2022 is a white wine, awarded several times, and produced by Adega Cooperativa de Ponte de Lima in the Vinho Verde wine region of Portugal.

This cooperative winery was founded in 1959 and is located in the Lima sub-region, which is one of the nine sub-regions that comprise the Demarcated Region of Vinho Verde, northwest of Portugal. This region due to its natural soil and climate characteristics (granitic, sandy, loam soil, influenced by Atlantic climate) and the grape varieties it has, produces very different wines, but with common characteristics, moderately alcoholic, fruity, and freshness.

This wine was made from 100% Loureiro grape, which despite being widely spread today in the Vinho Verde region, appears to reach its fullness in the Lima River valley. A very fertile and productive variety.

After manual harvesting in the vintage of 2022, fermentation happened in open vats with controlled temperatures.


Glistening, pale straw color with a golden edge in the glass.

On the nose, particularly crystalline floral aromas with an emphasis on orange blossom and acacia, with light citric aromas, and some notes of herbals such as linden.

On the palate, a well-bodied, medium-dry white wine with slight citrus flavors, lemon and lime, juicy pear, apple, and a light sweetness of peach, without being too sweet.

The wine presents a balanced and well-proportioned acidity, mild minerality, and a hint of creaminess in a short finish, along with a surprisingly alcoholic aftertaste, despite the relatively low (11,5%) alcohol content.

Slightly fizzy, very fresh, light bubbles liven the body. A crispy and refreshing wine with a medium-plus intensity.

It should be consumed at a temperature of 8-10 °C.

The smooth and light personality of this wine, and also its versatility allows it to be paired with fish or meat dishes.

The famous cod fish that is so popular among the Portuguese, can’t be left out. About meats, this wine pairs well with tender pork meat and sausages. Roasted or slowly stewed grilled meat.

So, this is an amazing Vinho Verde wine from the Loureiro grape. An easy-to-drink, very refreshing wine, that is a perfect company on these warm summer days.

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