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Villa de Corgos Rosé Espumante Bruto, Beira Atlântico IG

Let’s continue with a Portuguese Espumante (sparkling wine) with which I celebrated my birthday some days ago (see in one previous post).

Villa de Corgos is a natural, bottle fermented, rosé espumante, produced by Adega Cooperativa de Cantanhede.

Founded in 1954 by a group of 100 winegrowers, Adega de Cantanhede currently has 500 active associated winegrowers and an annual production of 6 to 7 million kilos of grapes, constituting itself as the main producer in the Bairrada region, being a prominent leader in sales of Bairrada DOC and Beira Atlântico IGP wines.

The qualitative evolution of its wines is the result of the most modern technology.

Its portfolio includes a wide range of products, red, white and rose wines. Its wines range from table wines to premium wines, with a wide range of sparkling wines produced exclusively by the Classic Method, as well as brandies and fortified wines.

Their products are in more than 20 countries.

In the last 8 years, it was elected as the “Best Cooperative Winery” in Portugal 3 times by the specialist press. And in 2014, it was considered as the “Best Sparkling Wine Producer 2013”.

This sparkling is a kind of Beira Atlântico IG wine (as mentioned above), made from 100% Baga grape.

The wine presents a medium salmon color, crystalline with strong, dense and persistent bubbles.

Intense and jammy-like aromas of fresh red fruits on the nose, strawberry and raspberry.

Fruity, moderate freshness and pleasant volume on the palate. Dry, delicate flavors, with a juicy palate, balanced acidity, accompanied by an elegant mousse and followed by remarkable persistence.

These all make a very enjoyable, harmonious and elegant wine.

Consume this sparkling at a temperature of 8 °C, in your leisure time, or with various delicacies, seafood, desserts, natural fruits, or as an aperitif.

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