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Quê – Espumante Rosé Reserva Bruto Natural, from Algarve

Quê – Rosé Reserva Brut Natural Sparkling Wine was the 1st sparkling made in the Algarve wine region of Portugal.

The wine was produced by the Quinta do Barranco Longo located in the southernmost and the warmest region of the country. Its winemaker idealized making bold and quality wines in Algarve. He surrounded himself with a young and qualified team, made his farm a model vineyard and, in his cellar, combined traditional with technological, creating their beautiful wines.

But in a demarcated region that cannot benefit from the controlled designation of origin, why produce sparkling wine?

“The Algarve has sun, beach and good climate … why not?” – replies the owner of the Quinta who did not hesitate to translate this reflection into the name of the new product: “Quê “.

This sparkling wine was made from the Touriga Nacional grape variety.

The wine presents a clear appearance, with a deep pink, beautiful, almost reddish in color, filled with persistent bubbles. Round and nice mousse on its top.

On the nose, complex aromas of floral violet, red and wildberry fruits, strawberry, sour plum and blueberry, accompanied with a hint of wet slate and vanilla.

On the palate, intense fruity flavors, mixed with light tannins, while million tiny bubblies are dancing in your mouth. Slightly acidic, but dry short finish.

Based on the Touriga Nacional grape variety, the two winemakers decided to use the classic method of Champagne. Fermenting in stainless steel vats with agitators and temperature control, followed by aging on fine lees. Second fermentation in the bottle according to the ‘traditional method’, followed by a minimum aging period of one year in the bottle, until the dégorgement is carried out.

The wine has an 11% alcohol content.

Should be consumed on the same day once opened, at a temperature of 10-12 °C.

This sparkling wine is perfect to drink on its own or as an aperitif but goes well with fruit salads, sweet and savory light dishes.

Despite being a very laborious process, which requires great temperature control, the result seems to be more than an amazing wine for sparkling lovers. Especially because it was produced in the sunny Algarve.

In a region of the country that is pressured by tourism and has unique terroir with a warm climate, a determined man managed to recover the production of high-quality wines.

This winemaker’s talent is fascinating!

And this sparkling wine is worth tasting!



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