Portuguese wine exports grew in 2020 compared to last year

Portuguese wine exports grew by 2.43% in value in 2020 compared to last year, reaching an amount of 589.6 million euros (data calculated up to September 2020). The data were made known by the Instituto da Vinha e do Vinho (IVV) at the Annual Forum of Wines of Portugal, an initiative of ViniPortugal held this year for the first time in an entirely digital format.

Despite the impact generated by the Covid-19 pandemic on the global market, Portuguese wines continue in an export growth trend, which will lead to a record value for wine exports in 2020.

Given that in the last three years, the last quarter is usually the best period for wine sales, with exports always exceeding 240 million euros, there is an expectation that the value of 2019 will be exceeded, which amounted to 820 million euros. .

The positive performance recorded this year was largely due to the behavior of third countries outside the European Union, which are growing by 21.6%, representing 317.5 million euros. Highlighted is Brazil, which rose 21.5% to 46.3 million euros in exports, and which since January this year has grown by more than eight million euros. The United States of America, with a growth of 7.6% to 70.5 million euros, and Canada, with an increase of 5% to 37.2 million euros, are two other markets in evidence. Note also to the United Kingdom, which registers a growth of 4.1%, representing 52 million euros of exports. Angola had the opposite trajectory, with a 27% drop to 19.3 million euros, and China, with a 35.8% drop to 8.5 million euros.

Different behavior was registered in general in Europe, in a sign of the impact that the Covid-19 pandemic is having on the economy, which leads to a drop of 13.5% to 272 million euros in exports. In this regard, it is worth noting the fact that exports to France fell 5.4% to 77.8 million euros, which is equivalent to 4.4 million euros less than in the same period in 2019. The fall in Germany is of 4.7% to 34.7 million euros, 1.7 million euros less than in 2019.

Scandinavia ended up behaving in a counter-cycle with what was recorded in the rest of the European market. Highlights for Sweden’s very positive performances, with a 41% growth corresponding to 21.6 million euros, Norway, rising 40% to 10.3 million euros, and Finland, with a 50.5% increase to eight million euros.

For Frederico Falcão, President of ViniPortugal, the results made known reflect the quality of Portuguese wines and the resilience of producers.

“In an atypical year such as 2020, it is a very positive sign that Portuguese wine exports are growing and offering prospects of breaking the export record in terms of value again. We can say that the joint effort made by all agents in the wine sector over the past few years, with a very clear focus on product quality and international promotion and the opening of new markets, is giving positive results, particularly in a year with so many uncertainties and restrictions ”.

In global terms, in 2019, Portugal ranked 9th in the top-10 of the world’s largest wine exporters. In this ranking, led by France, Portugal is positioned, in value, behind Germany and ahead of Argentina. In volume, Portugal occupies the same position, behind South Africa, but surpasses Argentina and New Zealand.

In 2021, ViniPortugal plans to invest 7.15 million euros in international promotion, which is one of the largest investments in marketing in its history. The plan for next year foresees 111 actions in 21 markets, involving more than 350 economic agents, namely the participation in the major international fairs of the sector, the realization of tastings, masterclasses and wine dinners to make Portuguese wines known to importers, sommeliers, influencers, media and other professionals in the sector. In perspective is the reconciliation of face-to-face actions with events in an online format.

In addition to the traditional wine export markets, such as the United States, Canada, Brazil, the United Kingdom, France and Germany, in 2021 ViniPortugal also intends to invest in new markets, with promotional actions in Belgium, Denmark, Ukraine and Mexico.

China, despite the drop in 2020, remains a strategic market for Portuguese wines. The path is to expand the presence to new cities in the Chinese market, making the quality and diversity of Portuguese wines known to more consumers.

“ViniPortugal’s strategy over the past few years has been to diversify markets and to develop sustained work in opening new markets. In 2021, we will continue this path, with the conviction that the growth path of exports will have to continue with a competitive posture in the market, betting on knowing how to sell well, on enhancing the quality of our product in order to increase the average price. . We are confident and eager to have the opportunity to show the quality of our wines again in person, as soon as all the conditions to do so are met ”, says Frederico Falcão.

Promoted annually by ViniPortugal, the Wines of Portugal Forum aims to be a moment of analysis and debate on the reality of the national wine sector, with the contribution of regulatory and promotion entities, producers and guests from relevant areas, and the stage for the presentation national and international promotion strategy for Portuguese wines for the following year.

Source: Revista de Vinhos


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