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Amigos de Pias, from Tejo

Amigos de Pias is a red wine, produced by the “Sociedade de Vinhos Victor Matos II SA” winery, based in Olhalvo, in the Tejo wine region of Portugal.

The company was born in 1996 and currently, it is a reference company in the national and international markets. They export several million liters of wines annually to European countries and also to third countries (Africa and Latin America).

The wine was made from grapes ripened in the Mediterranean climate with Atlantic influence, which was vinified in the middle of September to October, through a controlled fermentation process.

The drink has a pale ruby color. Intense aromas of red fruits on the nose, cherry, strawberry, blackberry and plum, with some oaky notes, baking spices, cedar and vanilla.

On the palate, a pleasantly fruity, balanced table wine. A full-bodied red with a smooth, velvety palate. The drink shows pronounced tannins and some astringency in a long and dry finish.

This wine is perfect for everyday consumption. Serve it at a temperature of 18-20 °C.

Pairing well with beef, veal or poultry meats, or cheeses.

As the producer mentions on the bottle’s label: “the friendship is like a wine, young at the beginning and matures over time”. This is exactly what characterizes this wine.



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