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Mateus Sparkling Brut Rose from Bairrada

Mateus Sparkling Brut Rosé is a non-vintage, brut sparkling wine from Mateus, the specialist brand in rosé wines. This drink was made from the Syrah and the native Baga grape varieties by the Sopgrape Vinhos winery, in the Bairrada wine region of Portugal.


The 20th century was the birth of the Mateus Rosé, the brand of Sogrape Vinhos, that conquered the world.

An original, low and bulky packaging, inspired by the canteens used by soldiers during the First World War. A shape that was distinguished from the other, taller bottles. The noble and innovative label portrayed the connection between the product and the land of origin.

But, inside the iconic bottle, there was something different: a new wine, pink in color, fresh and slightly carbonated.

A powerful brand was born. This unique combination, with the unique quality of the wine, quickly transformed Mateus into a worldwide success story, which brand is now presented in 125 countries.

Nowadays, Mateus Rosé is a global brand, recognized worldwide.

The Sogrape Vinhos owns about 830 hectares of vineyards in Portugal and it has been in business for over 70 years and was recently voted the fourth best producer in the world by writers and journalists.

Tasting Notes

This naturally fresh, dry sparkling rosé has a deep salmon color. Countless light, medium bubbles in the flute what result in delicate and persistent mousse on top.

Intense, pleasant fruity aromas with floral notes on the nose, apple, pear and raspberry. On the palate, crisp fruits with fresh and lively acidity with an aromatic medium finish.

Winemaking: the grapes are harvested early when they have a lively acidity and fewer tannins. A gentle pressing, followed by a slow fermentation at low temperature, retains a large part of its young and fresh characteristics. Then subjected to a second fermentation in a vat at 16 ° C. It is this second fermentation that gives it its characteristic effervescence and a creamy and complex finish. After a two-month maturation period, the sparkling wine is ready to be consumed. The final wine is cold stabilized and then bottled.

This Mateus Sparkling Brut Rosé contains 1,2 g sugar/100 ml and has 11,5% alcohol content.

Serve well on 6-8 ºC.

It perfectly matches with salads, risottos, seafood, white meats or soft cheeses.

It is also good as an aperitif or as a base of a fresh summer cocktail.


This not too dry, pleasant sparkling rosé is a light-bodied summer wine. Really enjoyable!



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