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Arinto – Bical 2016 by Quinta do Ortigão

Arinto – Bical 2016 by Quinta do Ortigão is a dry white wine from the Bairrada DOC. The Quinta do Ortigão winery is located in the center of Anadia, the heart of Bairrada.

This wine has a pale yellow color and made from the local Arinto and Bical grape varieties. Bical is a very popular white-wine grape in Bairrada, and also the Arinto grape. The region’s white wines and also the sparkling wines are based mostly on these varieties.

As for tasting this white wine, typical aromas of grapes, green apple and slightly tropical fruits on the nose. Balanced dryness, minerality and good acidity on the palate.

This is a medium-dry wine with fresh and fruity flavors, an intense body, and 13% of alcohol level.

This drink can evolve in the bottle. A well-balanced wine with a medium finish.

Vinification: soft pressing, then natural static fermentation at 15º temperature.

Unfiltered wine, it may create a deposit.

Pairing well with fish and seafood, asparagus, or cold meats.

With raw material of exceptional quality, cutting-edge technology Quinta do Ortigão is able to become a prestigious reference for the region and the country.

This Portuguese white wine that worth to taste on a warm summer night.



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