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Bucellas Arinto 2019, from Lisboa

Bucellas Arinto 2019 is a white wine from the Lisboa wine region of Portugal, produced by the Enoport Wines Group, from 100% of Arinto grape variety.

DOC Bucelas is the third smallest subregion of the Lisboa wine region. This is the only demarcated area solely for its white wines, produced mainly from the Arinto grape variety and considered to be among the best in Portugal. These white wines are able to preserve their qualities for years, they can gain complexity after 2-3 years of aging.

The quality of Bucelas wines has been known internationally for hundreds of years.

The Caves Velhas is one of the brands of Enoport, which was founded in 1939. But, according to the producer, the first registration of the Bucellas trademark dates from 1937. The brand follows the spelling of the height of the village of Bucelas, which was written with a double “l”, and this is a remarkable example of persistence and constant quality.

This straw yellow-colored wine keeps the characteristic of the Arinto grape variety. Intense aromas of citrus and green fruits on the nose, like lemon, green apple and pear, with some floral notes of chamomile. On the palate, a super light, crunchy and refreshing dry wine, full of minerality and fruity flavors.

A light to medium-bodied wine with medium acidity, that will age very well.

The drink is perfectly balanced, with a little perception of alcohol (12,5%), ending in a short, slightly dry finish, accompanied by a slight bitterness of lemon zest and a grapefruit aftertaste.

Winemaking: total extraction, prolonged skin maceration and alcoholic fermentation.

This wine is excellent to drink on its own and also to make easy food pairing choices that range from meat to fish and seafood, light meals, Asian foods, or even cheese dishes. Very good with the local codfish or bacalhau.

Consume at a temperature of 10ºC.

“Caves Velhas. In each bottle, a good moment” – is the signature of this brand.

And yes… grab a glass of this Arinto wine and enjoy the moment!



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