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Alvarinho Deu La Deu 2018, from Vinho Verde

Alvarinho Deu La Deu wine from the Adega de Monção Winery, located in the middle of the Vinho Verde wine region of Portugal, in the ‘Monção e Melgaço’ sub-region, what was recognized for the exclusive use of the designation “Vinho Verde Alvarinho”.

Formed in 1958 by just 25 producers, Adega de Monção has since grown to involve 1720 growers and is now closed to new members. Each grower only provides grapes from a tiny portion of land, meaning Monção only farm around 1237 hectares in total. They are located in the Vinho Verde region, in a small sub-region called ‘Monção e Melgaço’, in the province of Minho. The Minho region provides beautiful surroundings to the vineyards with fertile plains and moderate temperatures making the area ideal for Vinho Verde production.

The subregion of ‘Monção e Melgaço’ has a very particular microclimate and is therefore planted exclusively with the varieties Alvarinho (white) and Pedral (red). All these varieties are early ripening. The wines made from Alvarinho are the stars of the subregion of ‘Monção e Melgaço’. In this subregion, soils are of granitic origin, although there exist some local bands of gravel. The microclimate is characterized by cold winters with rainfalls, whereas summers are very hot and dry, which denotes a limited Atlantic influence. All these factors result in natural light, clean, refreshing and aromatic wine, different from any other in the world.

‘Monção e Melgaço’ is the only subregion of the Vinho Verde wine region, which is protected from direct Atlantic influence, has a climate of maritime and continental influence, with more full-bodied wines and higher alcohol levels.

This Alvarinho Deu La Deu 2018 wine was made from 100% of the Alvarinho white grape variety.

The wine is characterized by a deep straw color, with citrus reflections.

Intense and complex aromas of citric and tropical fruits, like quince, peach, lemon, mango and passion fruit, accompanied with floral notes of violet and orange blossoms, and a hint of honey, on the nose. On the palate, it is quite a persistent dry white wine with a soft taste and good fixed acidity, which gives him freshness and elegance, an intense body with a well-balanced, dry finish.

A fresh and vibrant wine with steely minerality. Very crisp with superb acidity and a lip-smacking finish.

Beautiful harmony in a long, refreshing set.

The wine has 13,5% of alcohol content.

Excellent with appetizer, salads, white meats, fish dishes and snacks.

Recommended its consumption at a temperature of 12 ºC.



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