General Membership Policies

general membership policies


It’s important that all WCA (Wine Club Algarve) members are familiar with our general membership policies. (Not already a member? You can join right here!)

Members of the ‘Wine Club Algarve’ MUST NOT:

1. Use the Wine Club Algarve’s name to sell or promote any commercial product or service.

2. Distribute any type of printed materials in the name of the Wine Club Algarve which has not been supplied or given previous approval by the Wine Club Algarve.

3. Use the name of the Wine Club Algarve, the logo, or any other intellectual property belonging to the Wine Club Algarve in conjunction without any prior authorization and/or for any purpose that is deemed unethical, immoral, or otherwise inappropriate agencies or affiliations.

4. Use information from the website ( for your own purposes or to form e-mail lists or solicitation lists of any kind, or related to any activity or event.

5. Use your membership to the Wine Club Algarve as a means to advertise the sale of commercial products or services. While we encourage members to network amongst themselves, we ask you to stay within the appropriate boundaries of any social situation.

6. Use any of the content of the Wine Club Algarve website on any other website, social media or community site, or printed material, for any purpose without prior written permission from the Wine Club Algarve.

7. Engage in negotiations with any third party on behalf of the Wine Club Algarve.

8. Use the Wine Club Algarve social media boards and/or any other vehicle of communication to harass, misinform, mislead, or confuse others.

9. Present yourself as in any way representing the Wine Club Algarve.

10. Use your affiliation with the Wine Club Algarve to solicit Membership in an organization that appears to be in direct competition with, or to be an infringement upon the intellectual property of, the Wine Club Algarve.

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